Every business needs to have a Marketing Plan.

Every business needs to have a Marketing Plan.  While I was in college, I was taking a business class, and we had to create a Business Plan, and within the Business Plan, we needed to have a Marketing Plan outline. Back then it was no big deal,...

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Creating a System to Be Profitable

Why do business owners always take the leftovers? What if I told you: “You should pay yourself first!” and, “It’s okay to profit from your business. Actually, it is preferred to have a profit in your business.”...

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Debt Free

Who likes to carry debt?  Sure, we all use credit cards and have some loans out there but, wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about those things?  About 15 years ago, I heard of a system called the “Snowball Effect”...

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Making Sure You Are the Correct Business Entity

by Gabriel Piña I had a call the other day from a potential tax client asking about my services for Tax Preparation. As I went through my services list, I noticed the person calling had an out of state area code. “Where is the company...

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Profit First