Pina Business Services was started in 2007, our mission was to help small business owners understand their Financial Statements. Fast Forward to today, and our mission hasn't changed much, Our goal is to not only help small business owners understand their Financial Statements, but we also help small business owners to become Profitable businesses.

We help businesses owners in many different states across the United States with their Accounting, Payroll and/or Tax needs.

In May 2020 Pina Business Services became the first Profit First Firm certified in Wyoming. Now offering Profit First services to Business Owners so they don't have to worry about money and focus on their business.

Like many people, I was working 60-hour weeks. I rarely got be to with my family. I felt like I was missing out on everything. Something needed to change. That is when I decided to start Pina Business Services.

Starting Pina Business Services changed my life. I got to see my children grow up, I got to be a part of helping them grow into the adults they are now. I get to travel a lot more, and I get to attend events that go around in my hometown!

Since starting my business in 2007, I have gained a lot of clients. Some have been around since the beginning! I even have a whole generation of one family! But I haven't stopped there, I have grown quite a bit, with clients all over the country. From California to Wyoming, doesn't matter where you are I can help!

I love accounting and I love the challenges that people bring me. I have been operating since 2007 and don't plan on stopping!!

My goal is to "Eradicate entrepreneurial poverty!!!"